Forget what you think you know about us...

      We have always strived to design the perfect kitchen, bathroom, wine cellar, library, and any other space for our clients. We do this by not only looking at it from an aesthetic perspective, but also from a functional perspective. Our approach is the same as a bespoke tailor; instead of designing and crafting together a suit or dress we are tailoring your home to your lifestyle. Much like a tailor with different grades of fabric, we too carry an array of options varying in quality and features to help fit your budget.

Price Points & Quality Level


Tesoro is our highest quality cabinet. These cabinets are entirely custom and made to last a lifetime. They feature extra-thick black walnut drawers, extra-thick doors, extra coats of finish, and the sturdiest construction available. Choose from custom paint colors, specialty paint finishes, and exotic and reclaimed woods. Every aspect of this level is customizable. All of these cabinets are made in the USA.


Lux is our entry-level luxury option. These cabinets feature solid maple drawer boxes, standard thickness doors, and solid construction. You can choose from a variety of paint colors and wood finishes. There are optional upgrades such as walnut drawers and thicker doors.  All of these cabinets are made in the USA.

Design Only:

Under some circumstances we do offer a design-only service. We will take measurements (if local), or design based on architectural plans. We will provide (1) floorplan and (1) set of elevations based on our design specifications. Pricing varies depending on the scope of the project (typically 20%-25% of the total project cost).

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