Owners Peter Salerno (CMKBD) and Tracy Salerno opened up Peter Salerno Inc in 1997 and have retained family ownership over the company since. Over the years the company has become a family business after both son Anthony and daughter Gabrielle joined in 2012. Peter and Anthony both handle design, Tracy is the office manager, and Gabrielle handles marketing, hardware sales, and faucet sales. 


      With over 35 national awards since 2002, our clients know that we strive to create the ultimate space tailored to their needs. Creativity and personalization are key factors in our design process. We believe the client should play an instrumental role in the creative process by sharing ideas to help realize their own unique design. 


       We focus on creating a luxurious and functional space that complements your lifestyle. Whether a kitchen, master bath, or wine cellar, we incorporate your personality, passions, and hobbies into our design to create a finely tailored living space for you and your family.


       It's not just focusing on the big picture, the little details matter just as much. We bring other elements into our designs such as soffits, coffered ceilings, lighting, and specialty hardware. For our client's convenience we carry a premium selection of hardware and faucets to accessorize your kitchen with.


           We also believe in helping those less fortunate. Whether Peter is on safari in Africa to help build and design churches and homes for people in poverty, or on our yearly 100 turkey Thanksgiving church delivery we are always paying it forward.  If you'd like to see how you can help the local community let us know!

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