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 Owners Peter Salerno (CMKBD) and Tracy Salerno opened Peter Salerno Inc in 1997 and quickly grew the company to be one of the top kitchen design firms in North America. This has led to jaw-dropping projects all over the US, Canada, and oversees in Europe. 

      With over 35 National Awards since our first in 2002, our clients know that we strive to create the ultimate space tailored to their needs. Creativity and personalization are key factors in our design process. We believe the client should play an instrumental role in the creative process by sharing ideas to help realize their own unique design. 

       We focus on creating a luxurious and functional space that complements your lifestyle. Whether a kitchen, master bath, or wine cellar; we incorporate your personality, passions, and hobbies into our design to create a finely tailored living space for you and your family.

       It's not just focusing on the big picture, the little details matter just as much. We bring other elements into our designs such as soffits, coffered ceilings, lighting, and specialty hardware. For our client's convenience we carry a premium selection of hardware to accessorize your kitchen with.


We strive to create truly magnificent spaces, because of this we pay close attention to all aspects of the room. We help curate our clients appliance selections, wall colors, ceiling details, back splashes, and flooring to pull every element of the space together. 

We do offer a design only service starting from $2,000 for those that are in other states and want our award winning expertise but might be locked in with a contractor or want to support a local cabinetry factory. 


We are based in Wyckoff, New Jersey but routinely do work all over the tri-state. We are not limited by our area, we have done projects everywhere from Canada to the Keys to Eastern Europe.

We are a registered general contractor in New Jersey. Registration #13VH00923000


Aside from our instantly recognizable designs, our cabinetry also sets us apart from the rest. All of our cabinetry is hand-made in Pennsylvania by skilled craftsmen. We offer our own door styles to ensure your projects uniqueness, exceptionally beautiful interiors, and attention to detail.


If you are in the tri-state, we ask that you set up an appointment at our showroom with either Peter or Anthony and bring photos of your current space along with some basic measurements or a copy of architect plans. We can go over your project and pick out cabinet options that fit best with your budget and styles that express who you are. By the end of the first appointment you will have a rough estimate.

If you can't make it into the showroom we ask that you email us over photos and rough measurements or architect plans, along with styles that best express you. We can discuss your project over the phone and give you a rough estimate of the project or design work. 

We do not begin measurements or designing plans until we receive a retainer towards the project. The amount of the retainer is determined by the scope of the project. Bathroom retainers generally start at $1,000, kitchen retainers start at $2,000. Retainers are applied towards the cost of the cabinetry. 

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